System Restore Explorer

System Restore Explorer 0.0

It lets you view, open and restore individual files from system restore points
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Nic Bedford

Restore points are a very helpful feature of the Windows systems. Unfortunately, the default options offered by Windows for managing these restore points are limited. System Restore Explorer attempts to compensate for this lack of options.

System Restore Explorer is a very small, lightweight and simple tool that lets you view the contents of restore points. It lets you “mount” these restore points to a virtual folder (actually it’s just a shortcut to a virtual folder), like they were some disk images, and view what files and folders they contain. The part that really impressed me is that it doesn’t only let you view what the restore points contain, but also open and copy files and folders from them. Therefore, if you need to open a file and view it as it was at a past time, before modifying it, you can do that with the help of this application, without having to perform a complete system restore. Restoring separate files and folders without running full system restore jobs is also possible.

System Restore Explorer comes with a minimalistic interface that just displays the available restore points and lets you delete or “mount” them. There are no other options or settings, but that’s not a bad thing. The biggest advantage of this tool is the fact that it allows accessing and managing the files and folders stored in a “restore point”, and this part amazed me too. As it’s also a free tool, I recommend it with all my heart.

Rory Shaffer
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  • It enables you to view, open and restore individual files and folders from system restore points
  • Lightweight and resource-friendly
  • Well-organized and neat interface
  • It can let you delete individual restore points


  • Works properly only on Windows Vista and Windows 7
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